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Recommendations and reviews from neighbours.


Marc Legault

  • Office:  819.459.2936
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013


Bruce Cawdron

Appliance Repair

InterProvincial Apareil, Rick Simard

  • Phone: 819.827.5330 or 819.770.5225
  • Last Updated:  2017-09-20
  • Review:
    • Rick was friendly, quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed my electric stove.  Said there was a 1 year warranty on his labour. - John Parker
    • I wouldn’t usually do this but this guy was fantastic….and I found him through Wakefield Folks sending me to your site.  Our fridge wasn’t working…phoned and he phoned straight back and came the next day after 4 pm.  Courteous, friendly, obviously knowledgeable, fairly priced…..I think you could revise the expiry date !!! - Glynis Peters
    • Nov 2018.  Rick replaced the heating element in my convection/regular oven.....very pleasant to deal with...calls and comes when he says he will call and come...reasonable rates...totally recommend him for anything you need fixed on your appliances.  Anne Picher.
    • Feb 2019.  Rick did a very professional job in finding the problem and replacing the faulty lid switch. Of the $200 bill he charged $80 for the visit and $25 for a half hour of labor and the rest for parts.  Glennis Cohen.


Émondage Outaouais/Perfectrees, Jean Lacasse

We are a local company specializing in tree care for over 15 yrs. Removal, pruning, disease treatment, forestry management and vacant lot clearing for construction. Fully equipped, certified, insured, free estimate,professional service.
  • Office:  819-827-3929
  • Cell: 613-850-3929
  • Email:
  • Website:

L’Ambassadeur de l’arbre Inc., Karim Lahdiri

We are a fully insured team of trained and passionate arborists offering Total Tree Care in our native Outaouais.  We offer: Consulting, Treatments Against Emerald Ash Borer, Pruning & Technical Removals, Planting & Young Tree Training, Cabling & Bracing, etc.

Leilak Anderson

Certified climbing arborist for hire: pruning, maintenance, and and prevention at all times of the year. Trained in dangerous tree removal.

  • Office:  819.665.2850
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2014
  • Review:
    • Lielak and his brother did some work at our place (unrelated to tree removal) and they have an outstanding work ethic. - pablo


Mark N. Arneson

Natal Chart Readings with transits and progressions.
  • Office:  819.340.8013
  • Email: mark.n.arneson _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Aug 19, 2019

Bed and Breakfast / Accommodations

Auberge de Mon Petit Chum B&B

Need a place for your friends or family coming to visit? Send them to our charming bnb in the heart of Wakefield! We give discounts for friends and family visiting locals & invite locals to join their guests for a complimentary gourmet breakfast.


Kinghorn Blacksmithing, Michael Kinghorn

At Kinghorn Blacksmithing, established in 1995, we design and fabricate ironworks for both private and commercial clients. We fabricate furniture, railings, lighting, staircases, and restore and weld metal items. Our blacksmiths create our forged details in-house and can execute both traditional and modern designs. No job is too small! There is no harm in asking for a quote.


Balancing Acct, Amber Duncan

  • Office:  819.459.1961
  • Email:  balancingacct _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013


Shelter By Hand Inc., Tina Therrien and Denis Drouin

We are a small timber frame company specialising in artisinal frames. We build porches, entrances, barns, homes, and sheds, using time honoured traditional building methods and joinery. We also do natural building consulting, plastering, and clay bread ovens.

Building Materials

Mark Richardson

Eastern white cedar: mills deck boards, fence boards, does custom milling, and delivers.

  • Office:  819.459.1477
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2017
  • Review:
    • Mark and Connie are probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.  To me, this translates to integrity!  - pablo

Child/Teen Development

Nimble Kids - Developmental Support Practitioner - Birth to Teen

Are you concerned with your child reaching their developmental milestones? Does your child have difficulty focusing or self-regulating, social, physical, emotional or learning challenges or/and have been diagnosed with ADHD, Autism or any other labels. There are supports available and alternatives to medication. Yvette Halpin provides developmental assessments and consultations, customized home movement programs, reflex integration, workshops and more.

Collision Repair, Automotive

John McLaughlin

  • Office:  819.422.2222
  • Review:  Attention to detail, honest, excellent work.  Extremely reasonable pricing.  John is a heck of a guy too!  A please to give him your business.
Classic auto restoration - collision body and paint.

Cooking Classes

Food for the Soul / Au Coeur du Saule, Tanya Wodicka

Food for the Soul offers you heartfelt health workshops in seasonal vegetarian cuisine, international cooking, gluten-free recipes and edible flowers. she also offers a chef troubadour service for your events of 2 days and more. “Looking forward to guiding you by feeding your heart and soul.”
  • Office:  819.459.1776
  • Emailtanyawodicka _AT_
  • Facebook
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2017
  • Review:
    • "Tanya was an excellent teacher, filled with knowledge and useful tips. I feel much more confident in my own kitchen.“ – Trish Massart
    • "You fed my soul, you blessed my heart. Thanks for making our retreat even more special, as Stuart said, food good enough for the gods!’ You are amazing!“ – Linda Hoard


Canada Computers

Best deals around. MikeroChip Technical Solutions
Computer consultation & repairs.  For recommendation/Review, see

Ordinateurs Chucky Computers, Charles Beringhs

I sell refurbished laptops and all kind of computer repairs and upgrade. I also do tutoring, individually or in group. Located in Edelweiss. Je suis bilingueRecommendation/Review: Many clients from La peche, Gatineau already experienced my great service. Reviews are are on Facebook. I have the ability to explain technology in simple ways.


Clinique Dentaire des Vallées de l'Outaouais

The entire practice is gentle and efficient.

  • Office:  819.777.6492
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013
  • Review:
    • While my French is awful, they do a wonderful job at communicating. It's worth the drive. - pablo

Dog Training

Canadian Canine Training Academy, Patrick Fisher

Fully certified professional dog trainer and canine behaviour consultant, associated with the Canadian Canine Training Academy.

Door Installation 


Scott Schreiner

Local business specializing in servicing La Pêche.
  • Office:  819.213.3979
  • Email:  sselectrique _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Nov 30th, 2017
  • Review:
    • I've been really happy with Scott Schreiner - Ruth Tabacnik

Farm Fresh To You ...

Älska Farm-La Ferme Älska, Genevieve Marquis and Gabriel Jort-Pelletier

Tamworth/Berkshire pigs and Orlopp Bronze turkeys raised organically on pasture at our Farrellton Farm. Artisanal charcuterie. Natural Maple Syrup.

Fermes de la famille Hale Family Farms, Ivan Hale

All natural pasture-fed beef and lamb grown without pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers or GMOs. Scientific studies confirm a significantly higher level of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in pasture-raised meats - a good thing for our health.

  • Office:  819.459.2264
  • Email:  halefarms _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013
  • Review:
    • I've met Ivan and his brother and they're super nice.  Keen to give to the community. - pablo

Ferme Réservoir

Pasture-raised Muscovy ducks and home-delivered winter vegetable box all grown on the farm in Brennan's Hill.

  • Phone:  438.878.7260
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Last Updated:  April 12, 2019
  • Review:
    • Ferme Réservoir grows delicious, high-quality produce specifically intended to be eaten over the winter months, something no other farm in the area is focusing on. This fills a big void in local eating, which is a huge relief for those of us who want to eat locally grown foods as much as possible. The winter food moxes deliver a beautiful variety of vegetables, plus 'extras': treats such as maple syrup, eggs, bread, kombucha, and more! It's always a delight to receive a home delivery from Tom or Abbi. Ferme Réservoire's ducks are also a treat, lovingly raised for very high quality taste and texture. Their grilled cheese at market is another delight, always creative, satisfying, and delicious. - Eva Vanderberg



Hardwood:  Oak, maple, ash and yellow birch.  Call for current face-cord price.  Delivery available.
  • Office:  819.827.9144

Fitness Trainers / Yoga

Liz (Pip) Robertson

Small personal training studio specializing in small group training, sports massage and stretch therapy.

Nordic Pole Walking, Irene Richardson

Certified Instructor providing Active Living activities ( Nordic Walking, Hiking, 50+ Fitness, Pickleball).
  • Office: 819.459.3284
  • Cell: 613.850.8502
  • Email:  irene_AT_
  • Last Updated:  Nov, 2016

Yoga, Movement & Wellness Service

Find peace and calm through the practice of intentional slow movement. Improve brain function and build nervous system resilience. Research-based sequences help to improve memory, focus and concentration. Private, in-person & online classes available.

Join Laura on the Wakefield Covered Bridge for a magical yoga experience all summer long. Check her website for details.
  • Laura Fowler Massie ECE M.Ed RCYT
  • Email:  laura.fowler.massie _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Jul, 2020
  • Review:
    • Love Laura’s classes! She provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere, is a confident and skilled teacher, and is always alert and sensitive to the individual needs of her students. I highly recommend her classes.” - Linda J. Chelsea QC

Gardeners / Landscapers

Patrick Hayes

Edible landscaping and organic gardening; beautiful, low maintenance, high yield organic landscapes and gardens using fruit and nut trees, berries, and perennial and annual edible plants.

  • Office:  613.676.0162
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

gardenhand, Michael Sides

Garden design, installation and care, lawn moving, hedge trimming and mazes, snow clearing.

  • Office:  819.827.7448 or 613.862.7591
  • Email: _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Jan 1st, 2017

Grader / Backhoe / Heavy Machinery

Francis Philippe

Extremely fast and efficient.  Has a Kubota which is safe on septic bends and lawns.  He's very skilled at using his machine.  Very reasonably priced.
  • Mobile:  819.360.3707
  • Last Updated: Jul 1st, 2017

Ronald LeBlanc

Ronald has a small and larger grader which are ideal for driveways and lane ways.  He also has other heavy machinery like backhoes.
  • Office: 819.456.4210
  • Mobile: 819.213.4210
  • Last Updated:  Jul 1st, 2017
  • Review:
    • Ronald is a super nice man!  He has a mini-sized grader so he's able to get into tight areas.  He does our joint lane way and my hill. - pablo

Grocery Stores

Aliments Naturels - La Forêt - Natural Foods

Over 1500 products, of which 300 bulk items.  Premium quality food, herbs, spices, coffee, tea, live juice bar, natural meds and supplements, cosmetics, environmentally friendly soaps and cleaners. Lots of local products!


Saracino Designs (Mobile too), Jane Saracino

Hairstylist with 37 years experience in cuts for men and women and children, highlights and color.

I am also happy to come to your home.

  • Office:  819.209.1059
  • Email:  janesaracino _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Nov 16th, 2017

Handywomen & Handymen

Construction Marc Paris Enr, Marc Paris


  • Office:  819.827.1508
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

Daniel Bertrand

Roofing, window replacement, small jobs, large jobs, any task.

  • Office:  819.456.2158
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013
  • Review:
    • Daniel is frugal (like me!), cordial (unlike me!), self-directed and dependable.  He will get the job done at extremely reasonable rates.  100% trustworthy. - pablo

Gouttières Régional

Eaves trough, gutters.

  • Office:  819.561.5421
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

Gouttières Outaouais

Eaves trough, gutters.

  • Office:  819.827.0600
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

Tommy Tree

Spring clean ups, handyman jobs, non hazardous tree removal, pruning, garbage removal, lawn maintenance, brush clearing, garden preparation, forest management etc.

  • Office:  819.431.4115
  • Email:  tommytree819 _AT_
  • Last Updated:  May 1st, 2016

Wanda Woman, Wanda Seguin

Wanda is a handywoman who provides you the option to teach you how to do the repairs. Offering: basic plumbing (why does my toilet continue to run), basic electrical (how to re-wire a lamp or change a light fixture), carpentry (finishing), doors and windows (caulking, hinges, knobs,screen replacement); tiling floors, counters, walls, and back-splash; gardening; furniture repair; wood patio; wall repair and paint; winterizing your home; consultation on larger jobs available so you know that you have a choice and the language used by contractors.

  • Office:  819.598.7754
  • Email:  wandawommin _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Dec 5th, 2017
  • Review:
    • Both Krista and I have worked with Wanda on projects at our house, and both of us have learned a lot while getting the job done.  I would recommend Wanda to friends. - John Parker

Heating / Ventilation

Les entreprises S.A.F. Combustion Inc.

Heating, ventilation, gas, radiant floor heating. Residential and commercial.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  • Office:  819.459.1207
  • Email:  sschreiner _AT_
  • - the site is a Facebook site.  You do not need to be a Facebook member to view the site.
  • Last Updated:  Nov 16th, 2017

Home Inspectors

Ottawa Valley Home Inspections Ltd., Steve Ott

Home and/or septic inspection.

  • Office:  613.724.0868
  • Email:  steve _AT_
  • Last Updated:  May 1st, 2013

Peter Weeks Home Inspections, Peter Weeks

A qualified and insured Home Inspector for Waterfront, Country and residential properties in the Gatineau Hills, Chelsea, Wakefield and Throughout the Ottawa area.  A home or cottage purchase can be one of the most important investments you'll ever make. Choose Peter Weeks Home Inspection Services to provide you and your family with the most information possible during the home inspection / buying process.  Certified.

Chelsea Home Inspections, Stephen McDonald, A.I.B.Q, R.H.I, N.C.H

Pre-purchase, Pre-sale, Home Owners Inspections, 30yrs experience

House Cleaning

Kim Endicott

  • Office:  819.208.0153
  • Last Updated:  Apr 1st, 2014

Offers de-cluttering, organizing, downsizing and house cleaning services.

Simon McNeill

House cleaning

  • Office:  819.459.1130
  • Email:  sydavey
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2017

Tailor Maids 4 U

We clean, de-clutter and organize; we decorate and home stage; we have many references; we give receipts; we are honest, trustworthy, fun. and reliable.

  • Office:  819.459.3290 - Susan
  • Email:  susanbrownmahon _AT_
  • Office:  819.459.1950 - Sandi
  • Email:  sandi_joss _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

Interior Design

Design Wakefield, Tanya Smith

Interior design and renovation services.  Tanya Smith, Interior designer, project manager.

La Luciole Blown Glass, Jennifer Bennet

Custom hand blown lighting for your home or business.  Check out Les Fougères Restaurant for a sample of my work.


David Sully

Get wireless high speed Internet for your home, farm or cottage, without having an installation. Run more than one computer at a time. You will need to have cellular service at your location, as it works off the cellular towers.

  • Office:  613.913.8006
  • Email:  david _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Mar 1st, 2013


  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2014
  • Review:
    • If you can get DSL or Cable, I strongly recommend using TekSavvy as your ISP (most definitely not Bell).  TekSavvy is a Canadian owned company, run by Candians. No services are out-sourced (unlike Bell). - pablo
    • I once had a problem with a TekSavvy connection at a friends house in Ottawa, so I called up tech support at TekSavvy, and it turned out that the tech guy on call was working from home in Ottawa, in an apartment a couple floors above me.  Problem was quickly fixed, we chatted for a while, waved out the balcony, best tech support encounter I have ever had. - John Parker


John Urban

Broken chains, rings that need resizing, making a bent ring round again, repairing a ring that the hospital had to cut through, stone settings needing securing, replacing a chipped gemstone, fixing a broken earring. +40 years of jewelry experience

  • Office:  819.422.3636
  • Email:  jurban _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

Languages / Translation

Alpha Traduction, Sophie Gosselin

English > French translation. Révision de textes français.

  • Office:  819.431.9283
  • Email:  trad.alpha _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2017

Angela Bernal

Tailored French and Spanish coaching to particular needs and learning styles for clients of any age, at your place or mine, solo or in groups. Successful assistance to civil servants and students preparing for exams. In-person and/or online sessions. References available.

  • Office:  819.827.2134
  • Email:  angela1.bernal _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Aug 1st, 2017

Julie Cameron

English/French translation.

  • Email:  jyccameron _AT_
  • Last Updated:  May 1st, 2013

Lise Michaud

I provide translation and proofreading services in English and French that help people and companies make the most of their projects. Clear communication in both languages increases their business by opening up new markets, facilitating business partnerships and expanding their client base and market reach.

J'offre des services de traduction et de révision en français et en anglais qui aident les gens et les entreprises à tirer le plein profit de leurs projets. Une communication claire dans les deux langues est essentielle au développement de leurs activités, car elle ouvre de nouveaux marchés, facilite les partenariats d'affaires et augmente leur clientèle et leur portée sur le marché.
  • Office:  819.506.2033
  • Email:  lmichaudtranslations _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Nov 19th, 2017
  • Review:
    • I've used Lise for translation over the past couple of years and she's great. She does research as needed and gives me options - on degree of formality etc. Very useful! And friendly! And fast! Highly recommended. - Anne Winship, Bean Fair Coffee Owner


Criminal Defence Lawyer, Lisa Christian

Commissioner for Oaths for Quebec/commissaire à l'assermentation and criminal defense lawyer, see the respective website below.

Personal appointments available in Wakefield and Alcove.

Divorce Lawyer, Chantal Plamondon

Family mediator and amicable divorce lawyer.

  • Cell: 873-673-8111
  • Email:  chantal.plamondon _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Jul 1st, 2019

Life Coaches

Living Aligned Coaching, Linda Vanderlee

Innovative and inspiring individual and team coaching services that explore ways to live aligned with your values, goals and circumstances...especially through times of change and uncertainty.

Sharron A. Cosgrove

Life Coaching ~ Life Counseling ~ Mentoring & Guidance
Whole Living and Nutrition Expert
Wo~Man Wilding Woman's Study Group
Business and Entrepreneurial coaching

Martial Arts

Daijiken Karate-Kobudo Dojo

Traditional Okinawan Karate classes - all ages and levels

Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes
Gentle and invigorating movements for health and well being.
  • Office:  819.340.8013
  • Email: mark.n.arneson _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Aug 19, 2019

Massage Therapists

Some Fitness Trainers also offer massage.

Jan Joseph McCambley

  • Office:  819.467.3195
  • Last Updated:  Jun 1st, 2015

Mary Cohen

  • Office:  819.598.2710
  • Email:  malico77 _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Jun 1st, 2015
  • Review:
    • One word covers Mary: intuitive. - pablo
Stacey Speers Massage
  • Office: 819-921-REST (7378)
  • Email: 
  • Web:
  • Locations: Wakefield Therapeutic Massage, 809 RIverside and Tuesdays at PhysioTips, 4 Chemin Mistral
  • Description:
    • RMT (MB) 2204 hours + Thai Massage
  • Last Updated: November 21, 2017
  • Recommendation/Review:
    • "Stacey was able to relieve my pain extremely effectively" - Derrick Lim


Dave Noganosh

Mobile mechanic.  Known by many as Super Dave.

  • Cell:  819.918.5650
  • Last Updated:  Apr 1st, 2017

Hamilton Motors

  • Office:  819.459.2313
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013
  • Review:
    • Richard and his team are ever kind and helpful! I remember the day I brought my truck in for service and without asking, they pulled some of the dents (no charge of course!)  - pablo

Multi Services, Mario

Myles Jones Auto Maintenance

Tire rotation and seasonal tune-ups.  Oil change, battery and light mechanical.

  • Phone:  613.620.7156
  • Email: _AT_
  • Last Updated:  May 1, 2016
  • Review:
    • Myles was quick and friendly for some quick spring maintenance for my van. - John.

Mortgage Services

TD Canada Trust, Dan Fraser

I provide mobile (at your home or office) mortgage advice and products for purchase/ renewal/ refinance needs.

  • Phone:  819.210.1088
  • Fax:  844.577.0546
  • Email:  dan.fraser _AT_


Deborah Thomson

Piano; all ages.

  • Office:  819.459.3602
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

Greg Stone Music, Greg Stone

Performance, arranging, education.

Heather Horak

Piano and other instruments such as guitar, banjo, fiddle. Bilinugual.

  • Office:  819.459.4415
  • Email:  HorakHeather _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2017

La petite Fanfare, Joel Demay

Martha Cooper

Teaches 5-string banjo, Irish Flute, penny whistle, Irish drum, and Music and movement for young children.

  • Office:  819.459.1146
  • Email:  martha.m.cooper _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Mar 1st, 2014

Ray Montford Music / Anchor Sound Recording Studio

Two distinct services:  
  1. Guitar lessons.
  2. Production, recording, mixing, arranging and composition.


Food for the Soul / Au Coeur du Saule, Tanya Wodicka

Through 30 years experience in alternative medicine and nutrition, Tanya has developed a Treasure Chest of knowledge to share with you. Food for the Soul offers you healing workshops and consultations in health pharmacy, active meditation, chakra healing, kinesiology (muscle testing). All of this is directed to healing the mind, body and soul.
  • Office:  819.459.1776
  • Emailtanyawodicka _AT_
  • Facebook
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2017
  • Review:
    • "I've consulted Tanya on how to improve my health and she was magnificent!“ – Shelley


Dr. Barbara Kurtz

  • Office:  819.459.9907
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013
  • Review:
    • Thorough and kind! - pablo

Party Planning

Créations Kako, Mélanie Lanois

Children birthday parties, face-painting, belly-painting, murals for kids bedrooms, window decoration.  Get your free estimate online today.

Pet Care

Salon Canin des Collines, Lynne Doré

Dog and friendly cat grooming.

  • Office:  819.790.8110
  • Address:  3 Gendron Unit 2B
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2017

Anne & Arthur

We do in-home pet services: Dog walking, pet sitting and boarding, basic mobile grooming. We cover Wakefield, Chelsea, Cantley, Edelweiss, Masham and +
  • Email: info _AT_
  • Tel: 819-635-3580
  • FB:
  • Last Updated: Nov 24th, 2016

Pet Vacation Wakefield

Maximum 3 Dogs.  A deluxe dog care alternative and service for your best pal, when traditional kennels aren't always a good fit for your families beloved pup.
  • Email:
  • Tel: 819.639.4144
  • Last Updated:  Dec 11th, 2017


Harry Nowell Photography Inc, Harry Nowell

Helene Anne Fortin, Photographer / Photographe

25 Years Photographing the Faces of Canada / 25 ans à photographier les visages du Canada

Physiothérapie / Physiotherapy

Physiothérapie La Pêche, Dominik Mignault


Beech Hill Plumbing Inc., Ryan Duncan

  • Office:  819.918.3730
  • Email:  ryanduncan15 _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2017

Marc Breton

  • Office:  819.459.1961
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2017

River Valley Plumbing, Wayne Beaven

  • Office:  613.203.7775
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

Property Management

Andre J Lalonde (Diploma, Algonquin Property Management Foundations Program)

Wakefield Property Management Eco Solutions for home rentals, vacation home inspection, security and property maintenance.


Psychologist, Dr. Andrew Burr


Pollock Roofing

  • Office:  819.682.2925
  • Last Updated:  Nov 1st, 2018
  • Review:  pablo:  I have never used them but from my trusted source, this company is fairer than fair and 100% honest.  



  • Office:  819.459.2803
  • Email:  iluvheels _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Mar 1st, 2017

Creations Miss Holmes, Melanie Miranda

  • Office:  819.661.9387
  • Email:  CreationsMissHolmes _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

Dixie Robbie

  • Office:  819.456.2606
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

Shelley Flear

  • Email:  pearlescentone9 _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

The Sewing Shop, Nicole

  • Office:  819.456.3500
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

Small Engine Repair

RONA Quincaillerie R-Cube Inc.

  • Office:  819.459.1133
  • Last Updated:  Sep 1st, 2019
Chainsaw, weed whacker, Authorized Stilh repairs

Time Coffie
  • Office:  819.459.1380
  • Last Updated:  Sep 1st, 2019
Small engine mechanic


Clinique Vétérinaire de la Gatineau - Wakefield and Chelsea
  • Wakefield 
    • Office:  819.459.2146
    • Email:  wakefield _AT_
  • Chelsea 
    • Office:  819.827.1665
    • Email:  chelsea _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Aug 1st, 2018
  • Review:  Penny and Mark are the absolute best!  They're great, compassionate people.  Everyone who works there is kind.
Veterinary care for dogs and/or cats.  They also have pet adoptions.

Dr. Etienne Palerme, Mobile Vet - 24/7 emergency care
  • Phone:  819.210.7210
  • Review:  Etienne will come to your home to care for your pets/animals.  He is 100% self-sufficient.  He can prescribe and dispense medication.  He's communicative and on-time!
Large and small animal mobile veterinary care.  24/7.  Emergency.  Bovine, equine, canine, feline, etc.  


Kinghorn Blacksmithing, Michael Kinghorn

At Kinghorn Blacksmithing, established in 1995, we design and fabricate ironworks for both private and commercial clients. We fabricate furniture, railings, lighting, staircases, and restore and weld metal items.

Well / Sump / Sewage Pump Repair

The World of Pumps Inc., Dave Hogan

  • Office:  613.744.3293
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2017
  • Review:
    • Dave kept me up to date as to when he would show up, showed up on time and both he and Jeremy quickly helped us out.  What I liked was they did the job right (e.g. replacing the well-cap to minimize debris and insects from falling in, etc) - pablo

Window Cleaning

Centre laveur de vitre, Reynald Morin

Also cleans gutters.

  • Office:  819.777.7470
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

Clearly Window Cleaning Service, Michael Sides

Window cleaning, pressure washing, eaves trough cleaning , snow clearing

  • Office:  819.827.7448  or 613.862.7591
  • Email: _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2017

Guy Henri

  • Office:  819.360.2820
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

New Vu Window Cleaning, Chris Knott

Also cleans gutters and hangs Christmas lights.

  • Home:  613.321.8897
  • Mobile:  613.227.8801
  • Email:  chris _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

Simon McNeill

Varies services:  window cleaning, eaves trough/soffit repair, snow removal.

  • Office:  819.459.1130
  • Email:  sydavey
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2017

The Time 2 Shine Window Cleaning, Robert Monet

Also cleans gutters, pressure washing, windows and insured.

Window/Door Installation

LeBlanc Window & Door Installation, David and Marc-André LeBlanc

Professional, high quality door and window installation.  Perfectly bilingual.
  • Office:  819.665.0228
  • Last Updated:  Aug 1st, 2018
  • Review:
    • The father (David) and son (Marc-André) team are communicative and highly skilled team.  It is clear to me (as a relatively good handyman) that they know their stuff.  I am particular on how work is done and they meet and exceed my expectations.  Back in 2008 we had several windows and panes replaced.  In 2018 we had other windows and panes replaced.  Both times the work was done by David and Marc-André.  Excellent work!   
For those people like ourselves who want to keep it local, LeBlanc's is based in Low.  They source their windows and doors from Rona's Express in Wakefield.  This is as local as it gets! - pablo


Beauwood, Jay Lambert

  • Email:  jay _AT_
  • Last Updated:  Feb 1st, 2013

Phil Daniels Woodworking

Ross Rooke

Cabinetry and solid wood furnishings.

Glen Foster Fine Furniture
Woodworking, Furniture-making


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